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Crosier Farmhouse Addition

The Crosier family contacted us to build a farmhouse breakfast nook and outdoor living area addition. Twila and Sean are both front line workers, and they rescue dogs. Best. People. Ever. We instantly bonded with them. They gave us an inspiration photo (below) featuring a breakfast nook with a floating metal table and we went from there.

#DEMODAY started with removing some exterior siding to tie the new structure into the old. Framing and foundation began.

The new structure was framed and we opened up the interior wall. We installed a black metal roof for a farmhouse feel, along with new fascia and gutter. Our goal was for the breakfast nook to be bigger and better than the inspo photo.

The Breakfast Nook

We wanted to replicate the rustic wood flooring from the inspo photo, and were able to get our hands on fresh milled poplar. It was perfect. Matt kiln dried it in our garage and hand-finished each board. The poplar was stained and installed to the floor and beam.

The breakfast nook and outdoor area started to take shape. Our electrician, Josh, installed recessed lights indoor and out, and new receptacles for functionality. We installed tons of shiplap and new windows. Matt built custom benches on-site that open for storage.

We started our search for a floating metal table, but there weren't any options online. The table was going to make or break the space, and we needed something one-of-a-kind. We love to utilize other local businesses, so we reached out to Charleston Steel. They were happy to create a custom fabricated steel table and bracket. Yay!

My 600lb (Table) Life

The moment of truth. It was man vs table, and the table almost won. Weighing in at nearly 600lbs, this thing was an absolute beast. It took every guy on the job site to lift it into place. The wall was structurally reinforced, along with a custom fabricated steel bracket to make sure it never falls off the wall. It took blood, sweat, and actual tears to create the look of this effortlessly floating steel table. We're dedicated like that.

The breakfast nook was complete with new paint, trim, and a farmhouse pendant light fixture.


The homeowners asked if we could move their kitchen pendant to be centered over the island. This was an addition built by another contractor years prior. Sure, no problem. We wondered why the contractor hadn't centered the light to begin with. Matt gave the okay to the electrician. Together, they ended up drilling through a water line, which then deflected the drill through the tile bathroom flooring above. Bingo--The other contractor hadn't centered the light because of the water line placement.

Everyone scrambled. The water was turned off quickly and cleaned up in no time. No drywall damage, whew. We searched high and low for the original bathroom tile, but it was discontinued. We ultimately ended up installing an entirely new tile floor because of 2 cracked tiles *face palm*. When things go awry, we always make it right.

Life Lesson: Sh!t happens. And always keep an extra box of tile/materials for any project you complete. You'll thank us later.

The Outdoor Living Area

We wanted this space to feel cozy and homey. We installed the wood plank flooring as if it were indoor, rather than spaced like decking boards. We installed vinyl shake siding and a shiplap knee-wall for a farmhouse feel. The space was trimmed out and screened in, with a new storm door.

Check out the final pictures!

A special thanks to Goober, the rescue dog, for his project management, and the Crosier family for always being so wonderful.


Matt + Erin

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