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How to choose the best type of wood for your project

Ya'll know we love live edge wood. We love the warmth and character that it can bring to a space. With the right design, live edge can virtually go with any style. Here are our top favorites!

Our #1 favorite is White Pine. White Pine is truly almost white in color in it's natural state, making it extremely versatile in any color palette. Pine is a soft wood, which can be looked at as a pro or con. Pro, because it gets more character and personality with time. Con, if you want your wood to look flawless. We love it best with a natural stain, but it can be stained to any color. It's also the cheapest live edge wood option. By far, the most versatile for any design.

Cedar is a great option for indoor, outdoor, or wet spaces. It's also naturally bug repellent. Cedar is a hard wood and has a lot of personality in live edge. It can be very knobby with a natural light red color. Live edge Cedar can be a little more expensive and difficult to find than Pine, because of the slow growing nature of the tree. We're also a huge fan of Cedar shakes and tongue and groove in many of our exterior projects. Live edge Cedar is best in more rustic designs, where shakes and tongue and groove can be more versatile.

Walnut is a hard wood with so much natural beauty. It is darker in color than Cedar and Pine, and is best used on interior projects. It is considered a premium wood and is the highest price point for a live edge slab. We like Walnut best in more modern and mid-century modern designs.

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